Crafting Irish Heritage in Every Sip

At The Whiskey Reserve, we take pride in crafting signature cocktails that celebrate Irish heritage while adding a modern twist. Our aim is to use as many Irish ingredients as possible, creating unique drinks that honour traditional flavours with contemporary flair.

Our Signature Creations

One of our standout cocktails is the Noinín, a creative take on the classic Daisy cocktail. Similar to a Daiquiri or Margarita, the Noinín uses Irish Poitín instead of Tequila, giving it a distinct Irish character. This delightful drink combines the traditional essence of Irish distilling with the refreshing zest of a classic cocktail.

Another popular favourite is our Espresso Martini, where we replace Vanilla Vodka with rich, smooth Irish Whiskey. This modern Irish twist on a beloved classic has become a hit among our patrons, offering a robust and flavorful experience that's both familiar and new.

The Irish Coffee: A Bestseller

Our best-selling cocktail is the Irish Coffee. This timeless classic, featuring a perfect blend of hot coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar, and a layer of thick cream, is a staple at The Whiskey Reserve. Its warmth and richness make it a favourite, especially among those looking to experience a true taste of Ireland.

Upcoming Masterclasses

To share our love for Irish Coffee, we plan to host masterclasses where tourists and locals alike can learn to curate the perfect Irish and Baileys coffees. These classes will provide hands-on experience, ensuring participants leave with the skills to recreate these comforting beverages at home.

Stay tuned for more updates on our cocktail offerings and masterclasses. At The Whiskey Reserve, we continue to celebrate one exceptional cocktail at a time.